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Neo Sapiens

We are a European mobility and training company which main aim is the design, management and implementation of education, training, entertainment, culture and transnational mobility projects. The company also offers consulting services focused on implementing this kind of activities and the development of pedagogic and learning materials related to them.


We combine formal and non formal methodologies, Neo Sapiens offers tailor made courses, seminars and workshops for those who require a dynamic and efficient training for the acquisition of different learning skills and competences related to the intercultural, social and education field.


We promote the participation on transnational mobility projects focused on making possible an intercultural learning thanks to leisure time activities, volunteering or/and training activities in other countries.


We actively collaborate in all our activities with social entities of different nature at local and international level. Our objective is to obtain joint results and materials that establish synergies between them and strengthen their structures and teams.


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