Aprende con nosotros

Combining formal and non formal methodologies, Neo Sapiens offers tailor made courses, seminars and workshops for those who require a dynamic and efficient training for the acquisition of different learning skills and competences.
Personalized to the profile of any entity and adaptable to the needs of its users independently of their age, social background or literacy level, the training services of Neo Sapiens include a wide variety of contents, methodologies, rates and duration, thanks to face to face, online or blended activities.

The fields on which Neo Sapiens works in as training provider are:

  • Language learning through formal and non-formal methodologies.
  • Interculturality, intercomprehension and social inclusion.
  • Funding programmes for educational projects at European level.
  • Learning mobility opportunities for young people at transnational level.
  • Volunteering projects and volunteers coordination.
  • Design and development of social projects for non-profit organisations.
  • Adults’ education through non formal methodologies.
  • New technologies literacy for users with fewer opportunities.

Realiza tus prácticas o formación en el extranjero

We provide support to educational centers and consortia in the design and implementation of internship projects abroad for students within the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission (intermediate and higher education). We also offer support in the search for mobility and training opportunities for teachers within the same fields. This includes:

  • Design and monitoring of the educational project.
  • Advice on financial management and project evaluation.
  • Assistance in the search for European companies for student internships.
  • Classroom training and prior preparation of students in transversal competencies and basic knowledge for their participation in European programs.
  • Supervision of the logistical management of the mobility, including support in finding travel, accommodation and insurance, as well as the preparation of the required documentation for each student.
  • Tutoring by the host and sending organization.

In addition to these training opportunities, at Neo Sapiens we offer advisory services and professional support to entities and organizations interested in the development of training materials in the above mentioned fields. For more information about our training offer or the services detailed here, please contact nuestro equipo.